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16 November 2017

In this week's newsletter:

  • First up ...

  • Peter Rendall's weekly message

  • Newtown Park -- track developments

  • Reports and Results

  • Upcoming and Ongoing Events/News



First up ...

Colgate Games
The Colgate Games are held over three days in the North Island and the South Island in January each year.  This is a fantastic fun event for our young athletes aged 7–14 years.

The North Island Colgate Games are on the 5th, 6th and 7th of January (Friday to Sunday) in Auckland at Mount Smart Stadium 
The South Island Colgate Games are on the 12th, 13th and 14th of January (Friday to Sunday) in Timaru.

For more information please contact Julie Richards at: or click here:

Please return entries to Julie Richards at our children's club day.  Note: entries must be received by Saturday 25th November.

Race Walking
If any of our juniors are interested in race walking Phillip Du Toit will be doing some race walk coaching at our Saturday club days.  Just come along.



Peter Rendall's weekly message

Reminder ahead of Regional League Meet 3 in Masterton this Saturday.

Greetings all. If you haven't done a regional league meeting so far this year or last year or contacted me, and hope to compete on Saturday you might be out of luck.

On arrival at the track in Masterton can all our athletes contact me (I will be under our club banner) - then we can ensure you have the correct number for the day, so you don't appear in the results as a former member who has been running for Scottish for about 10 years !  Also allows us to know exactly how many entries we have to pay the organisers.   I need to hear from anyone planning to do hurdles before the managers meeting - preferably by Friday night.  That allows the organisers to set out the right number of lanes.  For all other events, just turn up at the appointed time - with your correct meet number clearly displayed on your hand.  I have a couple of seats available if anyone needs a lift.  Good luck all.     Another thing: track and field related queries should be directed to me..... not Jo, Bertram, Geoff, Paul

My email address is in the Club Contacts section near the foot of the newsletter.




Newtown Park -- Track stuff

In early December (anticipated start date is the 4th) the running track will be resurfaced. This will take 21 days to complete. However (given that the work is weather-dependent) a 42-day track-closure period has been pencilled in.

If any member has questions regarding this project please contact Customer Liaison Officer Lauren Harkerss ( or project manager Peter Hemsley (



Reports and Results

Junior Interclub 1, Sunday 5 November -- Newtown Park

Owing to an error in the results (his number was incorrectly recorded), Max Boennic was associated with a different club for the 800m.

Max (Grade13, Boys) came 2nd in that event. Well done, Max!


Apologies for any errors and/or omissions. Good luck to all those racing over the next seven days.




Upcoming and Ongoing Events/News

November & December 2017

Please review the entries in the calendar extract below -- takes us all the way to the end of 2017 -- and refer to the Athletics Wellington website for more information. Additional links will be included in the newsletter to assist with this. (The 2-page calendar can be viewed in its entirety here.)

Note, in particular, Regional League Meet 3 happening in nine days in Masterton. Here's a link to the Regional League Meets web page.

Also, click here for further information (entry procedure etc.) on all Senior Track & Field Interclubs.

And, the second Junior Interclub of the season takes place on Sunday, 19 November (click here for more info).



Summer Track, Children's Athletics ... Saturday 18 November -- Newtown Park

From 11:30am. Click here to view the WHAC Children's Athletics web pages.



Honest 10, Sunday 19 November -- from the Wind Needle

Looking for pacers. As usual we need pacers for 40, 45, 50, 55 and 60 minutes. Can you come back to me ( and/or Gabby ( ASAP if you can pace and at what speed.

Also - spread the word and encourage people to run!



Junior Interclub 2, Sunday 19 November -- Newtown Park

The meet starts at 10 a.m. Click here for the programme of events.

Note that this same programme also refers to Primary Sport Wellington (PSW) events -- click here for the PSW home page for further details regarding these meetings.



Grand Prix (GP) Meet, Saturday 25 November -- Newtown Park

Please refer to the note/link above re Senior Track & Field interclubs for more info.

Also, don't forget that you must register by 8pm on the Thursday immediately priior to the GP.



Junior Interclub 3, Sunday 26 November -- Newtown Park

Just a week on from Interclub 2, number 3 in the series happens the day after the first Grand Prix meet of the season.



Scottish Night of Miles (SNoM), Saturday 16 December -- Basin Reserve, 4 p.m. start

Click here to be taken to the asociated Athletics Wellington web page. Includes a link to the provisional programme and online entries.

Note this year's change of venue from the usual.




Don't forget ... check out the Cool Running New Zealand website for additional events that might take your fancy!


WHAC Board stuff

If you have any ideas for, or questions about, the Club, please feel free to forward these to a Board member, or to the Secretary, Vickie Humphries (  Your Board members are: Peter Rendall, Terry Fraser, Trent Stallard, Andrea Peat, John Barrance, Bertram Manz, Nathan Tse, Paul Hewitson, Julie Richards, Gordon Clarke, Will Bell, Evan Cooper, Doug Hancock and Vickie Humphries.




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